Tru Carve Vertical Concrete Mix 45 lb

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Product Description

Tru Carve™ from Walttools is a single component lighterweight cementitious vertical carving and stamping mix designed for decorative enhancement of walls and other surfaces. It demonstrates user friendly anti-sag properties allowing almost immediate stamping and carving. Superior green strength allows stamping for an extended period of time without tearing.

  • Pre-blended for ideal consistency-just add water.
  • Exhibits extended set times that allow decorative impressions such as stamping, sculpting and hand carving.
  • Light gray buff color resulst in a more natural look.
  • Easy use of various color techniques such as integral color, water, and acid based stains.
  • Immediate non-sag design can be built up several inches inches.
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • 45 lb. bag – coverage 8 sq. ft. at 1 inch.


Weight 45 lbs
Dimensions 21 × 4 × 13 in



Stampable overlay, Vertical

Compatable With

Color Pacs


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2 reviews for Tru Carve Vertical Concrete Mix 45 lb


    I have been a use of Tru pac X for years. I’m used to it, have never had a problem so I had no reason to try this new material except Don asked for an opinion. Now I’m stuck. This stuff is so good, I might just switch over on some smaller projects. It is so easy to work with. It sticks, it stamps, it carves and it is still going to cost less than the other complete bag mixes out there that are not as good as the Tru Pac I have been using.

  2. JPerkinsinc

    Good stuff guys. Maybe even better than the X mix for stamping. Can’t wait to try it on a larger job.

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