Tru-Strip Coating Stripper and Remover

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Tru Strip is a roll-on sealer remover that is biodegradable, very user-friendly, easy to use. It is highly effective in removing most standard sealers from surfaces like metal, wood, masonry, brick and especially concrete. Tru Strip provides superior stripping capabilities to lift urethanes, alkyd paints, latex paints, lead based paints and varnish, from all types of substrates. Because Tru Strip emulsifies the material, once broken down, the coatings cannot re-cure.

  • Bio-friendly, industrial strength coating stripper
  • Safely breaks down most existing coatings including acrylics, urethanes, glues, and some epoxies
  • Spray or roll on, wait a few hours, and wipe or wash away
  • Safe on most any surface
  • Also available in 1-gallon container
  • Much more effective than a consumer-strength product from a big box store
  • Coverage ranges from 100 to 250 sq ft/gallon (depending on coating thickness)
  • No chlorinated solvents
  • You should follow the instructions for Tru Strip on a test section before trying the entire surface.
  • Water cleanup

You should follow the instructions for Tru Strip on a test area before beginning your entire project.
Protect all adjacent areas and plant life from exposure.
Product may be sprayed from a solvent sprayer, rolled out or spread with a squeegee.
Allow Tru Strip to work for 30 minutes to begin with.
When it begins breaking down you can work it with a broom to fully loosen the product.
Scrape up all residue and rinse the area thoroughly with water.
Heavy coatings may require a second treatment.

TIP.  When doing a project like stripping sealer from a patio it is best to apply it in the evening and allow it to work overnight.

Shake container briskly before every use

Proprietary surfactants enable this stripper to work as it does.  Tru Strip does not contain any hazardous solvents like methylene chloride or any aromatic solvents like xylene or toluene. Additionally, it does not contain any highly alkaline or corrosive materials. It is the best stripper you can buy.

Tru Strip MSDS Sheet


Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 14 in

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Countertops, Flooring, Indoor, Outdoor

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4 reviews for Tru-Strip Coating Stripper and Remover

  1. creteconstrMI

    This has changed what I thought of strippers. They have never worked completely in the past so resealing never looked as good. This took longer than I thought to work but after allowing it to sit all day in the hot sun, I could pressure wash everything clean, right down to the original concrete. Even grout lines. I never gotten that before. Even less smell than the soy junk too. Sold me on strippers again.

  2. mikealf1276

    This product is amazing… because it actually works !!! Based on the number of sealer layers that needed to be removed, it took longer than I anticipated… but, that was my fault because I was the one who sealed the concrete too many times!!! This is the approach that I followed: 1. apply a heavy coat of stripper to an area; 2. scrub the area with a very stiff bristle broom; 3. apply a second, lighter coat of stripper; 4. wait an hour or two; 5. slowly and methodically power wash the area. The sealer lifted off in very small pieces; basically, right down to the bare concrete. Caution: be sure to trim back any/all vegetation (that is near the area to be stripped) about three inches to prevent damage to those plants. The product does not have a very bad or strong smell. Note: it takes a while to remove or get rid of all the suds / residue, so be sure to properly rinse the stripped area to ensure the “white” suds / residue is completely gone before beginning any finish work (like antiquing or sealing).

  3. Alexis G

    I had to strip a concrete countertop of some water based sealer. This took care of it in about 2 hours. scraped it then scrubbed clean with detergent. Warning, be careful with this. When I was mixing it up some of it dropped onto a painted desk. It took the pain off in drip marks.

  4. Cody Coleman

    One of the worst jobs is stripping sealer off concrete. It still stinks but at least this stuff makes it easier. I have used it twice and both came out pretty clean. One of them was sealer that was only a month old. That took longer but after two full treatments it worked. Good enough for us.

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