Tru Tex Concrete Stone Facing Kit

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Product Description

You asked for it, you got it. This small, yet comprehensive kit includes both the subtle and dramatic textures used for most stone wall facing. It can stand alone or be used with any other number of Tru Tex rollers, skins, and trowels to get just the look you are after.

Includes: limestone skin, light (limestone) trowel, limestone roller sleeve, splitstone trowel #1, and granite trowel


Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 8 in

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2 reviews for Tru Tex Concrete Stone Facing Kit

  1. supersizeme2010

    This has been a great kit for our company and is a tremendous value. We were looking for something small scale to test the waters on some projects and this kit is a true winner. Cant wait to purchase some more add ons to further elevate our projects and creativity. Products were shipped fast, and are very heavy duty. 100% Satisfied. Thank you!

  2. William England

    These tools allow me to add valuable texture to any carving or stamped wall … Great kit

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