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Tru Tint Acid Stains produce the most natural, realistic, “mother-nature-mimicking” tones possible.

  • Staining occurs via chemical reaction, thus much more permanent than surface coloring.
  • Enhances surface imperfections producing unique and appealing results on otherwise plain concrete.
  • Stains can be diluted and/or combined for a multitude of finishes.
  • Color samples only provide a guide as all concrete is individual and final results depend on a variety of factors.
  • Blues and greens are highly recommended for indoor use only due to the tendency to darken from long-term exposure to moisture.
  • Sold per gallon. Quarts and pints are available by request.
  • 1-gallon coverage approx. 250 sq ft.

Product Description

walttools mohave and walnut acid stainTru Tint Acid Stains are professional grade, chemically reactive concrete stains that add permanent color to concrete surfaces like concrete floors, concrete walls, and concrete countertops. An acid-stained floor will bear much more character than an unstained floor.

When applied correctly, a concrete acid stain will react with the lime in the concrete, etch into the surface, and create a natural variegated color effect after a period of reaction time. This is a permanent change to the concrete and will not fade or peel. These acid concrete stains can be mixed, blended, and layered together to create any number of design and color options.  Keep in mind that the final effects of an acid stain are very dependent on the individual concrete with which it is coming into contact. You can even get large variations within the same floor due to differences in the finishing of the concrete. To minimize differences, it is best to make sure your concrete is very clean and free of debris, dirt, or any residue that might affect the penetration of these cement acid stains. Acid stain can be faux finished like any other stain, but keep in mind that the reaction can take minutes or hours to show results, making it more challenging for corrections and adjustments.  Tru Tint Acid Stains are the perfect stains used to create stunning effects on these concrete substrates. An acid-stained floor or patio can be breathtaking when done properly. Many businesses and homeowners have chosen Tru Tint for creating various acid-stained projects that provided a unique, classy look coupled with a high level of durability. The cost of a Tru Tint acid-stained floor is also very attractive when compared to alternative flooring options such as hardwood, tile, and even carpet. Join the thousands who have turned their boring gray concrete into works of art.

Tru Tint acid stain can be used on vertical concreteoverlayment, and microtoppings as well as standard concrete to achieve the same great special effects.

Acid stains are low in acidic content, but proper safety and handling precautions should be taken, along with proper ventilation and protective gear. Lastly, as with most concrete coloration, an acid stain will not look rich and dark unless sealed correctly, so don’t forget to order a top-quality concrete sealer also to protect your surface from regular wear and tear.

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Weight 9 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 8 × 8 in

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Can Tru Tint Acid Stain be used outside?
Yes. There are also some very good YouTube videos on how to apply it that will help you greatly if you decide to go with Acid Stain.

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