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Tru Tint Concrete Acid Concrete Stains produce the most natural, realistic, “mother-nature-mimicking” tones possible.

  • Staining occurs via chemical reaction, thus much more permanent than surface coloring.
  • Enhances surface imperfections producing unique and appealing results on otherwise plain concrete.
  • Stains can be diluted and/or combined for a multitude of finishes.
  • Color samples only provide a guide as all concrete is individual and final results depend on a variety of factors.
  • Blues and greens are highly recommended for indoor use only due to the tendency to darken from long-term exposure to moisture.
  • Sold per gallon. Quarts and samples are available for purchase by request.
  • 1-gallon coverage approx. 250 sq ft.
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Product Description

Highly rated concrete acid stainTru Tint Acid-Based Concrete Stain

One of the most durable and long-lasting materials used in construction today, concrete beautifies and strengthens homes, businesses, and more from the inside out. That’s why, when choosing a concrete coloration product like acid concrete stain, it’s important to rely on a brand known for quality: Tru Tint Concrete Acid Stain is a versatile, permanent acid concrete stain made to introduce appealing “mother nature-mimicking” hues to patios, floors, and other concrete applications.

Because this formula works via a proven, reliable chemical reaction, it offers a deep, permanent hue unmatched by surface layering and paints. As it works, it highlights natural lines and divots in your concrete surface, elevating plain concrete into something noteworthy and attractive. Dilutable and mixable, Tru Tint Acid Stain can be easily customized to suit your projects, making it ideal for concrete contractors looking to deliver options for their clientele. A one-gallon bottle (quart and pint-sized volumes available upon request) of concrete acid stain offers up to 250 square feet of coverage, ideal for larger applications.

Note: While most colors are designed for both indoor and outdoor use, blue and green hues in the Tru Tint Concrete Acid Stain line are recommended for indoor use only, and away from water features, due to their tendency to darken over time with moisture exposure.

What Is Concrete Acid Stain?Concrete acid stain example

Concrete is one of the most widely used materials that serve as the foundation for construction projects. Not only does it provide critical characteristics like versatility, resilience and hardness, but it is also a crucial element extensively used in buildings, from setting foundations to molding exterior surfaces. However, as vital as concrete is to building infrastructure, its aesthetics are another thing entirely, which is why acid stain is beneficial.
Acid stains consist of acidic water-based solutions that constitute a mixture of hydrochloric acid and acid-soluble metallic salts. Typically, they are used for coloring concrete as they permeate through the concrete's surface to react with certain unique minerals in the concrete.thereby coloring the concrete's pores. Once the acid based stain has reacted with the lime, the color becomes permanent on the concrete and can neither peel off nor fade away.
Each acid stain color is a unique mix of chemicals without any pigments or resins. In comparison to surface coloring as in water base stains, acid stains leave a more permanent finish and can mimic the most realistic tones to give your concrete floor or patio a look that is pleasing to the eye. Regarding the colors you have in mind, you can either dilute acid stains or mix them to experiment with various finishes.

Results of concrete acid stainRather than leaving your concrete to be dull and grey, acid concrete stains enable you to choose from various hues of colors such as bronze, teal and marigold. In addition, as acid stains are translucent, they provide a unique color to the specific slab of concrete you apply them to, giving it a unique and distinctive finish. The final color of the concrete surface depends on several factors, including the method of application, composition of materials in the concrete and its condition.

Concrete Acid Stain Applications

Acid Concrete Stain

Among the key factors to note is the ability of the concrete to absorb the material. The concrete should be clean and free of any sealers or curing agents.. Anything that prevents the stain from penetrating the surface, will cause spots that do not take color well and will be visible. To test for inconsistencies that negatively affect the application of the acid based stain, pour some water on the entire slab of concrete and watch out for areas where the concrete does not absorb the water steadily or evenly. For any site that does not take in water properly, you can use any sealer removal method, including grinding, sanding and employing solvents. For example, the sanding method usually makes spots more noticeable and helps open more pores in the concrete for better absorption of the acid stain.

Make sure after cleaning you remove any cleaning agents as they may interfere with the acid stain. As for the time to allow the curing process of new concrete before staining, several manufacturers have various preferences. Although most manufacturers let the concrete cure for 28 days, some prefer staining after 14 days, while some are successful after three days. Besides the cure time, also consider the age of the concrete, as it takes more stain and more time to provide rich colors on older concrete.

Applying the acid stain also plays a significant role in the final finish; hence, it is beneficial to consider the method or tool you would use. Usually, the go-to tool for applying acid stains is a sprayer; however, before using one, ensure it is acid-approved and does not have any metal parts. You can also try out tools like a paintbrush, especially for small areas, or a roller, if you can deal with the lines they create. Ensure that you apply your acid stain with the final finish in mind while also leaving room to be creative.

Due to the permanence of acid stains, removing splashes or spills from undesired places can be unfeasible. However, you can keep splashes off unintended areas by masking them using non-absorbent nylon or paper sheets before staining. Once you are done applying the acid concrete stain and the slab has had enough time to absorb it and dry, neutralize and clean it to remove any residue and let its beauty shine. Finally, ensure that you use an appropriate sealer on the final finish to increase its durability and enjoy its unique look for a long time.

What Products Work Well with Tru Tint Concrete Acid Stain?

Across the entire staining process, from preparing the concrete and checking for areas with uneven absorption to sealing the final finish for a long-lasting luster, additional products work hand-in-hand with the acid stain to ensure that you are satisfied with the end product. If you have large areas of concrete to cover, finding the right tool to get the job done effectively and within a reasonable amount of time can be a challenge.

Scaling such a challenge is no hassle with our 1.5 gallon-capacity concrete sprayer, quickly covering large areas and finishing the job in record time. As for those narrow pathways, our 35 ounce-capacity solvent-resistant hand sprayer will make quick work of them to deliver the acid stain efficiently. To top it off, sustain your final finish with a top-notch sealer that will leave your concrete surface beautiful while preventing it from wear and tear over time. Contact us to learn more about our tools and guides for your building projects, whether you are a contractor or a DIY enthusiast.

walttools mohave and walnut acid stainTru Tint Acid Stains are professional grade, chemically reactive concrete stains that add permanent color to concrete surfaces like concrete floors, concrete walls, and concrete countertops. An acid-stained floor will bear much more character than an unstained floor.

When applied correctly, a concrete acid stain will react with the lime in the concrete, etch into the surface, and create a natural variegated color effect after a period of reaction time. This is a permanent change to the concrete and will not fade or peel. These acid concrete stains can be mixed, blended, and layered together to create any number of design and color options.  Keep in mind that the final effects of an acid stain are very dependent on the individual concrete with which it is coming into contact. You can even get large variations within the same floor due to differences in the finishing of the concrete. To minimize differences, it is best to make sure your concrete is very clean and free of debris, dirt, or any residue that might affect the penetration of these cement acid stains. Acid stain can be faux finished like any other stain, but keep in mind that the reaction can take minutes or hours to show results, making it more challenging for corrections and adjustments.  Tru Tint Acid Stains are the perfect stains used to create stunning effects on these concrete substrates. An acid-stained floor or patio can be breathtaking when done properly. Many businesses and homeowners have chosen Tru Tint for creating various acid-stained projects that provided a unique, classy look coupled with a high level of durability. The cost of a Tru Tint acid-stained floor is also very attractive when compared to alternative flooring options such as hardwood, tile, and even carpet. Join the thousands who have turned their boring gray concrete into works of art.

Tru Tint acid stain can be used on vertical concreteoverlayment, and microtoppings as well as standard concrete to achieve the same great special effects.

Acid stains are low in acidic content, but proper safety and handling precautions should be taken, along with proper ventilation and protective gear. Lastly, as with most concrete coloration, an acid stain will not look rich and dark unless sealed correctly, so don’t forget to order a top-quality concrete sealer also to protect your surface from regular wear and tear.

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Can Tru Tint Acid Stain be used outside?
Yes. There are also some very good YouTube videos on how to apply it that will help you greatly if you decide to go with Acid Stain.
What is Tru Tint Acid Stain Used For?

When a mottled, natural look is desired for concrete surfaces, Tru Tint Concrete Acid Stain is the best choice for introducing color. Not only does this permanent concrete coloration solution work with the natural chemical composition of concrete to work, it also avoids the high-effort maintenance needed by other approaches, such as paint peeling or fading, or surface coatings that leave behind residues that wear away.

When applied to both new construction and existing concrete - patios and floors, vertical concrete, micro toppings, and more - this acid-based stain delivers a permanent mottled color. Depending on the desired hue, users can easily layer, dilute, or intensify their color based on the application method and mixing beforehand. This approach highlights textures and lines for a finish that resembles natural variations, such as the lines in marble or natural stone.

How Does Tru Tint Acid Stain Work?

Once applied, Tru Tint Concrete Acid Stain reacts with the naturally-occuring lime in your concrete construction, producing a variegated color effect after the specified reaction time. Because the finish is produced via chemical reaction, rather than simply an opaque solution like paint applied on top of the surface, it offers a rich, deep color that won’t peel, crack, or fade. This makes it durable against wear-and-tear, foot traffic, and UV exposure, and therefore perfect for use on flooring.

The translucent finish can be layered for more intensity, but won’t cover up desired variations in texture and pattern, such as those incorporated within stamped concrete. Tru Tint Acid Stains are specially formulated to offer the most natural, realistic, “mother nature-mimicking” tones possible in concrete coloration solutions, making them a favorite choice for quality-minded concrete contractors.

Is Tru Tint Concrete Acid Stain Appropriate for DIY or Professional Projects?
While suitable for both professional concrete projects - businesses, large-scale properties, etc. - and DIY / homeowners, DIYers may also want to consider using Reax Reactive Concrete Stain, which they may find even easier to use.
How Long Does Tru Tint Concrete Acid Stain Last?
As a permanent concrete coloration product, Tru Tint Acid Stain is made to last as long as the concrete surface is viable - e.g. not cracked, broken, or excessively damaged. Because this superior concrete acid tint relies on a chemical reaction within the concrete itself, the results are exceptionally durable and made to stand the test of time without fading.
Does Tru Tint Concrete Acid Stain Require Any Maintenance?
As with all concrete tinting and color products, sealing your finished concrete surface once the desired coloration is achieved will help resist wear and tear over time, keeping colors vibrant. While this acid-based concrete tint product is made to work well with your sealer of choice, it isn’t necessary to achieve an attractive, durable finished look.
What Makes Walttools’ Tru Tint Acid Stain a Superior Product?
  • Made for use by quality-minded concrete contractors, Tru Tint Concrete Acid Stain is proudly professional grade and offers a reliable product users will be glad to incorporate into their projects.
  • Because it uses a chemical reaction rather than a coating approach, our acid-based stain formula offers better coloration results and a highly durable finish that stands up to the test of time.
  • Ready to be layered, mixed, and matched to the users’ preferences, the large color selection of the Tru Tint Acid Stain line delivers virtually limitless looks for any concrete coloration need.
  • Blended with high quality raw materials and processed via highly reputable manufacturing processes, there’s a reason concrete professionals trust the Tru Tint name with their business’ reputation.
  • Because we use advanced, highly-tested formulas alongside our well-known approaches to consistency and superior quality control, you’ll always know that every gallon of Tru Tint Concrete Acid Stain will deliver the same stellar coloration results.

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