Tru Tint Concrete Dye


  • Vibrant green-blue, turquoise color
  • For use on most concrete surfaces without necessary sanding or grinding
  • Water-based formula penetrates efficiently and safely within minutes
  • Dyes can be diluted to taste and/or combined for a multitude of finishes
  • Color samples shown provide a guide, but all concrete is individual and final results depend on a variety of factors
  • Sold as concentrated 16 oz. unit – Dilutes to 1 gallon of dye
Texas Clay
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Product Description

tru tint dye forest green
tru tint dye forest green

Tru Tint Dye is the most easy-to-use concrete dye available today. Due its multiple carrier ability, the user has good leeway with using the dye in different situations. It comes in a 16 ounce concentrated form that may be diluted as needed with water or any water-miscible solvent to create ONE GALLON of concrete dye. Being able to use water as a carrier gives Tru Tint Dyes a major advantage over dyes that require acetone as the carrier. Tru Tint Dyes can be used on interior projects without the need for mandatory ventilation equipment.

Tru Tint Concrete Dyes are very specialized concrete pigment products. Like a concrete stain, they are a fine pigment but are many, many times smaller than what is contained in stains. These pigments actually go into a solution rather than a suspension as with stains.  The carrier is often a solvent, though in the case of Tru Tint Dye, water is the preferred and safer carrier. The nature of concrete dye allows them to penetrate into the concrete almost regardless of the “openness” of the surface and provide a nice translucent color finish. A rough analogy is that the stains are to paint as dyes are to ink. Dyes are preferred for those burnished and polished surfaces that are going to be hard for stains to effectively penetrate. This often comes into play in commercial flooring and custom concrete countertops. Those surfaces tend to be indoors, which is good because that is another difference between the two product types.

Concrete dyes generally do not exhibit good light-fastness. In other words, they tend to fade in sunlight. That makes dyes a poor choice for patios, driveways, etc., where Tru Tint WB stains are the better option. The dye color pallet is usually a bit smaller than that of stains, but will still provide plenty of options for most projects and offers more variety than typical acid stain pallets. Last but not least, both products allow some tailoring techniques to get different effects during application. When dealing with dyes, you have a little less leeway for mistakes due to their quick penetration, though Tru Tint Concrete Dye has been engineered to be forgiving enough to even use a brush or roller and not have adverse effect.

Tru Tint dyes can be used with densifiers, be part of a polishing process, and can even be sealed. When blended with water, the dyes dry in just a few minutes on the concrete and clean-up is so simple. This is much faster than acid stain procedures. In fact, dyes are often used to provide additional color to or fix acid stain floors.


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Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 8 × 8 in

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