Tru Tint WB | Water-Based Concrete Stain


Penetrating water-based concrete stain for use on nearly any concrete surface.

  • Fast-drying water-based concrete stain
  • Semi-translucent, easy to layer to achieve a mottled look
  • Can be sprayed, rolled, brushed, or sponged
  • Easy to dilute for a lighter coating
  • UV stable for indoor and outdoor use
  • 1-gallon coverage is approx. 250 sq ft
  • Available in regular or concentrated forms (Sold in regular, ready-to-use form. Call if you would prefer the concentrated form.)
  • Should be sealed to fully lock in color
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Product Description

Tru Tint Water Based Concrete Stain

A fast, easy-to-apply penetrating concrete stain; a solution for introducing color, a refreshed look, or even highlighting logos and patterns on your concrete surface of choice, Tru Tint WB works both indoors and out. This water-based formula can be applied with a sprayer, rolled on by hand, precision-applied with a brush, or sponged on to enhance mottling. It can also be layered or mixed to create a custom, finished look which will stand up to wear, tear, and UV exposure with ease. Unlike some other chemical concrete coloring solutions, this revolutionary product goes on without hassle and doesn’t require complicated permitting, cleanup, or ventilation procedures to use.

The translucent finished effect of a Tru Tint WB application makes it ideal for layering or adding a hint of color, rather than a fully opaque painted finish. Users appreciate the natural mottled effect it offers for applications like stamped concrete pathways and drives, vertical concrete walls, boulders, fountains, poolside edging, and more. Touted as the world’s easiest concrete dye, this translucent concrete dyeing product is available in both ready-to-use and concentrated formats (call to request) for maximum project versatility. Each one gallon container of ready-to-use stain covers up to 250 square feet, and once applied, it is designed to be finished with an appropriate concrete sealing product for maximum longevity.

Water-Based Concrete Stain

Because water-based concrete stain is typically more predictable and does not use chemicals to produce color, their use has become increasingly popular. Water-based stains can produce very transparent to more opaque end results, making them more similar to wood stains or paints.

In terms of water-based stains benefits, ease of use is one of the most significant advantages. Since water-based stains are non-reactive, they are safe to use, and they are easy to handle and apply. Because they are non-reactive, they show their colors in a predictable fashion. Additionally, water-based stains can be applied with a variety of methods, including sprayers, sponges, and brushes. Furthermore, water-based stains can be mixed and diluted to create colors and shades that are totally unique.

Examples of Water-Based Concrete Stain

What Is Water-Based Stain?

Water based stain is very much like a paint except is has much less color and contains special resins to help bind the pigment to and just below the concrete surface.Th Unlike acid stains, water-based concrete stains have no chemical reactions that occur when they’re used.. Because water is used as the medium of the product, it is easier to clean up and dries fast. When the water absorbs into the concrete, pigments are trapped in the pores and are bonded to the concrete by the polymer.

Water-Based Stain Applications

Example of Water Based Concrete Stain

When applying a water-based concrete stain, it’s ideal to start by making sure the concrete surface is clean. Any existing sealers or curing aids should be removed. This can often be down with a chemical stripper but in some cases it may require grinding the surface clean.. It is important to note if the concrete quickly absorbs water into the surface. This tells you that it can accept the stain. Older concrete may require a good cleaning with a degreaser to remove old stains that can affect your staining outcome. Be sure to fully clean off any cleaning products before beginning. A pressure washer is perfect for this on an outdoor project. Next, move forward with shaking mixing up your water based concrete stain. This is done because pigments can settle to the bottom after some time and you want to be sure all the pigment is suspended before using it. Usually, you will apply the stain to the concrete using a sprayer in a circular pattern to give a mottled and varying color to the surface. You should overlap your circles, preventing hard lines. The concrete should be saturated with stain but you don’t want it to cause puddles of stain on the concrete. Moving the stain around with a brush or broom will help distribute more evenly after spraying. What you want to avoid is using the stain like a paint. It is made to be semi-transparent, meaning you will see the concrete surface below. Too much stain will result in a surface that is too blocked up and will not let the sealer bond well, leading to sealer peeling in a short time. Keep in mind that these water-based concrete stains tend to be the very forgiving if you keep it simple. The application process should be fairly straightforward.

The most important aspect here is achieving the look you are after. Keep in mind it will look very different when it dries. The stains soak in and provide a nice natural look. Some will work in another color of stain while it is still wet. That allows the colors to blend a little bit. If you allow the stain to dry and then reapply another layer of stain, you will get more distinct separation of colors.t just depends on the project at hand.

As with any stain. it’s important that you add a sealant. A concrete sealant will help lock in the pigment and reduce fading over time from UV and abrasion. Sealers will usually enhance(darken)the areas that have been stained.

What Products Work Well with Tru Tint WB?

If your desired concrete surface requires prep, we recommend starting with our “C” Cleaner and Degreaser to give your project the best start. When it’s time to apply, our Solvent Resistant Hand Sprayer cuts down on application time and provides a smooth, even sweep for consistent coloration. Finally, cleaning up any prep or finishing tools with our hardworking “C” Acid Etch and Clean product will ensure you’re always ready to tackle a new project without the hassle of lingering residue or grit.

What Products Work Well With Tru Tint Concrete Acid Stain?

If you need to prepare a concrete surface, we recommend starting with our "C" Cleaner and Degreaser to get your project off to a good start. The concentrated cleaner offers economical cleaning solutions. It can be used to remove grease, oil, tar and most rubber marks from concrete surfaces. This citrus-based cleaner is non-toxic, environmentally safe and produced with natural and organic ingredients.

In addition to reducing application time, our Solvent Resistant Hand Sprayer produces a smooth, even application for consistent color. With Goizper sprayers, the user experience, ergonomics, functionality and security are paramount in the development of any new solution. It is very convenient to use the Multi 1.5 handheld sprayer for your decorative concrete needs. Lastly, make sure to clean up any prep or finishing tools with our "C" Acid Etch and Clean product so that you'll be ready for any new project without residue or grit. Walttools “C” Etch is an environmentally safe, biodegradable and concentrated dissolver for profiling surfaces before applying the concrete stain. It is a good substitute when grinding is not an option. It’s also excellent for cleaning your concrete tools of dried deposits. Bonus points: it also features a citrus scent that most people don’t consider harsh.

Contractor Source: Your Partner For Concrete Stain Projects

Whether you’re a home DIY enthusiast or you work full-time as a contractor, it’s important that you have access to all of the best concrete products on the market. With Contractor Source, you can expect a consistent commitment to excellence with our customer service and products. Our team is highly experienced in helping customers achieve their vision with the most high-quality and reliable products. Providing exceptional service to customers like you will make us your go-to concrete products provider.

When it comes to creating your outdoor living area, there are endless choices to make. Contractor Source understands that every situation is different, so it's essential to weigh your options carefully. We can help you with that.

We look forward to working with you on your next project. Contact us today, and we’ll get in touch!

Tru Tint WB Water-Based Stain is the easiest water-based concrete stain on the planet. Its extreme versatility allows the user great range in how they are using it. From coloring pavers to concrete stamping, to natural stone to faux finishing vertical concrete and boulders, this is the way to go.

Walttools Tru Tint WB is a semi-penetrating, permanent, translucent stain that is water-based and extremely safe and easy to use. It can be used alone, mixed, blended, or layered for any number of natural-looking effects. Stains are most commonly applied with a quality garden sprayer or a hand sprayer. For more specific coloration such as borders, logos, etc, a brush will do.

Tru Tint Water-Based Stains have become the go-to coloration method for many concrete stamping contractors because of their ease of use, economy, and ability to tailor the colors to the surrounding landscape. They work well alone or in conjunction with integral color or color hardener.

Walttools Tru Tint Water-Based Stains are excellent for rejuvenation applications. It may be as easy as recolor and reseal to get your patio or driveway, whether pavers or concrete, looking like it did when it was poured! They come ready to use in gallons, quarts, and samples.

Caution: Water base stains are easy to over-apply.  They are made to be transparent and provide a shade of color, not act as paint.  If using on existing surfaces, surfaces have to be completely free of a previous sealer. Chemical stripping does not always get Reid of sealer 100 percent so media blasting for a final clean will provide the best results.

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What is Tru Tint Water Based Concrete Dye Used For?

Both the ready-to-use and concentrated (once reconstituted to desired tone) formulas can be quickly applied over large areas with the use of a high-quality sprayer, such as a Solvent Resistant Hand Sprayer, to add vibrant translucent color to any concrete surface. Whether you’re looking to add visual interest to new concrete structures, enhance the patterns in a stamped concrete paver or surface, or simply refresh the look of existing concrete, this water-based dye makes plans into a vibrant reality.

Tru Tint WB is suitable for use on both interior and exterior concrete, enabling both DIY enthusiasts and concrete contractors to tap into a virtually limitless array of translucent hues. It can be used to emphasize any concrete structures, including drives, pathways, stamped concrete patios and porches, water features and fountains, pool decks, retaining walls, and more. Because the colors can be easily layered, concrete can even be made to look like natural stone by overlapping a palette that blends with natural local stone.

How Does Tru Tint Water Based Stain Work?

Regardless of application technique, this translucent-effect stain works by penetrating the surface of concrete, creating a permanent hue wherever it’s applied. The amount necessary for initial application and visual vibrancy over time will be determined by the surface’s initial porosity and the sealant used after application, respectively. If the concrete surface to be tinted doesn’t repel water, the formula can typically be applied directly. If, conversely, the surface is hard-troweled or previously sealed, some prep work may be required, such as sanding or acid etching.

If you’re not sure of the porosity of your desired concrete surface, the best way to determine it is to apply a small amount of Tru Tint WB to an inconspicuous area, leave it in place for a few minutes, then wipe away with a clean cloth. If the formula wipes up easily and leaves no color behind, prep materials and/or removal techniques will be needed beforehand.

Is Tru Tint WB Appropriate for DIY or Professional Projects?

Both professional concrete contractors and DIY enthusiasts are able to use this safe, easy translucent concrete dye, though DIYers should also consider exploring Reax Reactive Concrete Stain for their concrete coloration needs, as it also offers a user-friendly application process and colorful versatility.

Because of its water-based formula and convenient gallon jug format, Tru Tint Water Based Concrete Dye is easy to store and transport. Adding this hardworking line of concrete dyes to service offering menus gives professional concrete contractors a wide range of color options to pass on to their clients. Unlike acid-based stains, it’s also easy to apply, clean up, and demands no specialized ventilation equipment.

How Long Does Tru Tint WB Last?

Because it actually penetrates the surface of the concrete and is designed to stand up to UV exposure, Tru Tint WB effects are permanent. Unlike paints and coatings, a concrete surface tinted with this water-based dye will not experience cracking or peeling of color: just apply, seal if desired, and admire!

Does Tru Tint WB Require Any Maintenance?
Because it penetrates concrete surfaces, this product is considered an exceptionally durable and permanent form of concrete coloration. The manufacturer recommends the use of an appropriate concrete sealing product after application to ensure maximum visual vibrancy over time, though this step is not required.
What Makes Walt Tools’ Tru Tint Water Based Stain a Superior Product?
  • Though it’s user-friendly enough for even the novice home DIYer to work with, Tru Tint Water Based Concrete Dye is professional grade and made to last, even when used in outdoor applications..
  • This highly durable concrete dyeing product stands up to both wear and tear as well as ultraviolet exposure, and will not fade and “wash out” like some coloration products.
  • Because each hue in the line delivers an appealing mottled / translucent finish, Tru Tint WB is extremely versatile. It can be custom-mixed and layered to create bold, artistic impressions with color or used to mimic soothing natural color palettes.
Tru Tint WB can be used indoors or outdoors without worrying about water exposure, fading, or peeling, making it the perfect choice to “cement” your property’s decor themes.

4 reviews for Tru Tint WB | Water-Based Concrete Stain

  1. Relisu

    This water based concrete stain is perfect!!, when first applied it may look like to much was added, but when it dries looks amazing!! i would highly recommend this product.

  2. John David

    Good stuff Works best

  3. Kathryn Hunter

    Very easy to apply and didn’t need to crack a window. It smelt very earthy.

  4. David R.

    Better than any stain I have ever used!! I ordered more!!! It’s a sickness I found more to stain. LOVE IT!

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