Vertical Artisans Exposed Stone Business in a Box Mold Kit


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Product Description

Behold the Vertical Concrete Artisans Business in a Box – Exposed Stone Facing Mold Kit. This is a set of highly-detailed molds that will allow the artisan to quickly and easily create small panels of stone, which can then be easily attached to walls and structures before concrete plaster applications to provide that old world look.

Panels can be poured with a variety of concretes including Walttools Tru Kast or Kounter Kast. These panels are designed with a taper, so they thin out towards the edges to make it easy to overlap with the ensuing plaster application.

The panels can be easily prepared ahead of time including any color arrangement you prefer. Both Tru Tint Acid or Water-Base Stains are the preferred choices for realistic results. 

There are 7 different pieces in the kit to allow placement and variety in all situations including edges, corners, and middle placement.

This system allows artisans to quickly and easily transform ordinary walls into timeless beauties.

Set includes a mold for every piece. All you need is some flat table space and empty walls in need of a transformation!

Recommended products

  • Tru Kast contertop mix for casting
  •  Tru Pac X for the plaster coat
  •  Tru Tint stains for project color
  •  Tru Block sealer for an invisible, stain resistant finish


Weight 170 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 36 × 36 in


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