Vinyl Chips, 1/4″ (25 lb Box)


Our epoxy floor vinyl chips are:

  • Available in 20 rich color combinations
  • Quick to apply
  • Easy to apply in a design or logo pattern
  • Easily cleaned
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Anti-slip
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Product Description

WT Vinyl Chips

WT Vinyl Chips for epoxy floors offer homeowners, designers, contractors, architects and DIYers the perfect solution for decorative, seamless floors. Produced with pigment, resin and other additives, the vinyl is cut into random shapes that will give your floor a dynamic, textured pattern. Each batch comes in different color combinations, letting you take creative control of your project. Used with epoxy resin and poly systems, these decorative floors last for decades when properly installed and cared for.

Application of WT Vinyl Chips

Epoxy floor chips have a quick application process that allows you to walk on your finished floor within a day or two. To begin, you want to prepare the concrete surface by cleaning then roughing up the surface so the primer can adhere. Vacuum your space, then fill any large cracks and defects.

Next, you apply the primer or base coat of TI Epoxy HP or Polyaspartic 85. The primer ensures proper adhesion and seals air in the concrete. Pour the primer onto the surface and spread with a squeegee. Backroll with a roller to smooth it out.

Broadcast the vinyl chips by pouring them into a clean bucket and tossing handfuls into the air. Throwing them upward allows for a more even coverage onto the tacky floor. Because you cannot have complete control how the chips land, smooth out the floor with a floor scraper or large drywall knife. Then, you can vacuum the floor to remove the excess.

Finally, apply Polyaspartic 85 as a protective topcoat onto the floor and use the squeegee to spread the material. Backroll with a nap roller until you have a smooth, even topcoat. You can apply one or two topcoats, depending on your preference.

What Surfaces Can Vinyl Chips Be Used For?


Schools will love the textured design of vinyl chips for epoxy floors. Since the floor system has anti-slip properties, you can decrease the likelihood of injuries. The pattern also hides dirt and imperfections, giving you an effortlessly professional appearance. Schools that want to show school spirit can pick their colors and apply the vinyl chips in logo designs, while gyms can do the same with their brand colors.


This floor system provides an ideal surface for garages, as it can withstand a lot of wear, can be easily cleaned and endures for decades.


The quick turnaround time for vinyl chip floors is appealing for lobbies, and the textured design offers color and style to the room. The floor’s smooth, impermeable surface also cuts down on clean-up time in case of a mess.


Showrooms see a lot of foot traffic. Not only will the floor endure, but the material is actually easier on the feet and joints compared to other floors. Instead of ceramic and marble, you can choose vinyl chips for epoxy floors for a long-lasting, stylish and safe surface.

Retail stores

Epoxy floor systems provide a level of noise reduction that works well in retail stores. With vinyl chips, stores can save on material and labor while enjoying a durable and stylish final result.



Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 24 × 6 in
Chips Color

Autumn, Burnt Orange, Classic Camo, Desert, Earl Grey, Earthen, Fiery Sage, Khaki, London Fog, Military, Mod, Neutral, Overcast Sky, Pumpkin, Salt & Pepper, Sepia, Shadow, Smoky, Spring Time, Surf

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What are the benefits of using epoxy floor chips over other applications?
Vinyl chips for epoxy floors give you a durable surface meant to survive tough wear. This applies to foot traffic and heavy machinery. Because the epoxy creates a seamless surface, you don’t have any grout where dirt can hide or any pores for liquids to penetrate. Stains of any kind clean up in a matter of minutes since they sit on top of the final coat. This affordable floor system also helps keep your environment safe. It reduces noise and decreases slipping hazards. You also have the added benefit of fire and chemical resistance, meaning no matter what happens to the floor, it will last.
What options make vinyl chips for epoxy floors unique?
Vinyl chip epoxy floors offer you the opportunity for creativity and are extremely easy to repair. Instead of plain concrete, your epoxy floor can include metallic and color additives in the epoxy or resin. Pigments add rich, opaque color to your floor, while metallic additives elevate the design with extra sparkle and shine. You also have your pick of vinyl chips, which come in a variety of color combinations to match your personal tastes or brand.
What makes Walttools’ Vinyl Chips a superior product?
Walttools’ comprehensive and deep understanding of how flooring materials work inspires trust that their Vinyl Chips are a high-quality product. The flexibility and durability of Walttools’ primers, vinyl chips, sealers and pigments exceed their customers expectations. Walttools also sells a wide variety of products and publishes how-to guides that empower everyone, from contractors to DIYers, to make the best choice for their projects.


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