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Walttools WBU-M is a water-based, two-component, chemical resistant, self-cross-linking polyurethane coating. The subtle matte finish offers excellent abrasion, chemical, and stain resistance, along with superior color retention. It is ideal for concrete floors and walls in garages, restaurants, warehouses, storage facilities, aircraft hangars, animal clinics, and vehicle service centers where you are looking for a non-intrusive look that hides long-term wear. WBU can be pigmented. This is often used as a hardy topcoat for coatings such as Walttools Epoxy HP. Walttools WBU can be used equally well on vertical or horizontal surfaces. This will provide a surface that is very natural and almost unchanged when sealed.

  • UV-resistant
  • Superb abrasion, chemical, and stain resistance
  • Suitable for both exterior and interior surfaces
  • Apply by spray, roll, or microfiber applicator
  • VOC-compliant and low-odor
  • Excellent elasticity and elongation properties
  • Early water resistance
  • Also available in high-gloss
  • 32% solids
  • 4:1 mix ratio (4 part A: 1 part B)
  • 5 Gal kit
  • Coverage approx. 350 sq ft per gallon

Containers with the kit may not always be full and are often designed to be the mixing container for your project. Professional use only.

Data Sheet

prop 65 - mic - sm.jpg


Weight 55 lbs
Dimensions 17 × 17 × 17 in


Resin Types

Urethane Systems

Waterbase Systems



Color Systems, Countertops, Flooring, Indoor, Outdoor, Topcoat

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3 reviews for WBU M

  1. Michael

    I have been using this for concrete countertops for a year now and I have had no issues at all. It goes down easy and cures within a couple days. My customers really like the low gloss aspect of this coating.

  2. Brandon

    This is my favorite low sheen sealer for my stained floors. Two light coats gives me a medium sheen and has really been resilient. Even in busy basement situations this has done well. I may even start using it as a top coat on chip floors for a more forgiving look.

  3. Floors and More

    This is a great sealer for stain and seals. It leaves a nice satin sheen and a touch of color enhancement. It hides wear and tear very well and does not stain with much of anything. It rolls out very easily and cures quickly. We have also tinted it at times to great effect.

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