Worn Brick | Decorative Concrete Border Roller Set

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Product Description

Worn Brick Border Roller

  • This roller is a used brick soldier course pattern- 3/8 in. grout lines.
  • Dimensions: Creates border approx 7 7/8 to 8″ wide.  Perfect for patios, walkways, etc.
  • Heavy duty bracket with bronze roller bushings and a threaded bull float bracket attachment- for concrete handles. .
  • You can stamp curves with our rollers.
  • Rollers reduce fatigue.
  • Rollers allow you to start stamping earlier.
  • Rollers decrease labor needed
  • Roller comes with matching floppy mat
  • Total weight is 15 lbs


Weight 16 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 12 × 18 in





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2 reviews for Worn Brick | Decorative Concrete Border Roller Set

  1. Jeniece England

    Great tool, great price, easy to use and the results were excellent. Thank you.

  2. Bryan Wagoner

    Worked out really well and easy to use, good tool.

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