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Z Terra-Tint is an integral pigment additive for concrete mixes. This easy to use dry powder admixture will give the concrete a uniform, fade-resistant color.

Contains: 3 lbs. of powdered color and a 2 oz. scooper.

Coverage: Will vary depending on amount of scoops per mix. Approximately 20 scoops per bucket (depending on density of color).

Directions: If using Z Terra-Tint with one of our admixtures, follow the mixing instructions on that box. Use one, two, or three scoops depending on desired color intensity. If using with another pre-bagged mix, place desired number of scoops into mixing container and blend with 1 quart of water. Add in concrete mix and additional water as per instructions on bag. For consistent color, use same number of scoops per mix. Each additional scoop of Z Terra-Tint will intensify the color. ALWAYS do a test pour first to verify color. Remember, as the concrete cures, the color will lighten. Different colors can be combined to create an unlimited color palette.

Color on left – 2 scoop/60 lbs : Color on right – 3 scoops/60 lbs

Please note that color will vary depending on concrete mix used. These swatches were created using a standard 60 lb light gray mix.


Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 13 × 13 in
Z Terra Tint Color

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