8 inch seamless step linerOne of the more drastic effects you can add to a decorative concrete pour is the appropriate use of detailed step liner inserts. They can make steps and project edges look amazingly like hand chiseled or tooled stone edges, without the labor of that task. Step liners are highly efficient at providing edge detail that cannot be had otherwise.  They are used by inserting them along the inner edge of your forms before pouring the project. Once the concrete is set, you dismantle the form work and you are left with a real stone casting made along the step insert. That can then be detailed and colored in any number of ways to provide the unique look you are going for. They are often used in conjunction with a border edge (as shown in lower picture) to define the texture along those edges. Walttools step inserts are sized to fit common 6 inch and 8 inch lumber.

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