melbourne sauna 2An increasing number of contractors and remodelers are choosing to use concrete countertop products when enhancing the look and design of kitchens and bathrooms everywhere. The countertop plays a major role in the look and functionality of the entire room, and decorative concrete supplies provide homeowners with very exciting options.

Design Flexibility When Using Concrete Countertop Supplies

Decorative concrete countertops can be customized to the décor of the house, eliminating the need to hunt down the perfect countertop. Skilled contractors can use concrete dyes and stains to create nearly any color or design on the countertop surface. Rubber concrete stamps can even be used to make it appear as if the countertop has been tiled or has a natural chiseled edge.

The countertop can be dyed to match the surrounding room or concrete stains can be used to make the countertop look as if it is made from natural stone. Some homeowners choose to include decorative additives to their specialty concrete mixes, like fossils, coins, stone aggregates, or crushed glass to give the counter a unique look. The possibilities are truly endless.

Increasing the Functionality of the Countertop

Countertops are not just there for decoration. Concrete countertop products can be used to make these surfaces more useful. Decorative concrete countertops can be tailored to include custom drain boards, sinks, cutting boards, and other unique features. The design and structure of the counter itself can be tailored to best suit the kitchen or bathroom where it is to be installed.

Applying Concrete Sealers to Countertops

The concrete sealers applied to countertops further enhance their beauty and function. These protective topcoats make the counters look more impressive by giving them a glossy finish. The sealant can actually make the colors within the countertop pop even more than they originally had.

Non-toxic concrete sealers are especially important for count