dscf4092Whether you are building a new property or injecting new life into an old property through a remodel, decorative concrete supplies can be extremely valuable assets to use. Thanks to recent innovations, concrete can do much more than simply provide an extremely strong foundation, if you know how to use the products available.

Creating a Floor of a Different Color

Concrete dyes and stains make it possible to produce floors that are nearly any color. While many clients choose to use these decorative concrete products to create floors that mimic the appearance of other flooring materials (brick, marble, granite, etc.), there are more creative possibilities available.

For example, areas of the floor can be sectioned off and dyed or stained various colors. Businesses will often use this method to incorporate their logo into their floor. Greeting customers with a large polished concrete floor featuring an artistic rendering of the company’s logo can make a lasting impression.

Of course, acid stains naturally create very interesting patterns and designs within the floor, as the stain chemically reacts to the floor. By applying various chemical stains to the floor, mixing them, and layering them, you can enjoy a combination art project and science experiment that yields beautiful results. Concrete sealers can then be applied that protect the floor, while also allowing the colors to appear more vibrant.

Adding Elaborate Concrete Borders

In addition to using rubber concrete stamps to make interior and exterior concrete surfaces look as if they are made from other materials, you can enhance the design using contrasting borders. For example, you can make a walkway really stand out by using concrete edge rollers to add a brick pattern along the edges of the path.

Many homeowners are increasingly choosing to incorporate decorative concrete materials into their landscaping to make features pop. This includes adding concrete seat walls, flowerbed edges, and many other markers. These features can be quickly and easily embellished using rubber concrete stamps and textured rollers as well.

Increasing Functionality Creatively

Decorative concrete supplies can also be used to make areas around the property more functional. For example, concrete sealers can be used to make a floor easier to clean, slip proof, or resistant to moisture and bacteria. When decorative concrete products are used to create custom countertops, unique features can be incorporated, such as drain boards or even a custom stone sink. The design possibilities are virtually endless when you are working with decorative concrete supplies.

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