untitledDarryl training 46Just before Thanksgiving Walttools teamed up with Josh Jones of Surface Technology, Inc and Daryll Bates of Excalibur Artisans to put on a three day training dealing with installation of decorative coatings. This was three days of providing demos of both countertops and floors. There was a strong emphasis placed on prep as that is Josh’s specialty, and that is the part most often left behind with quick turnaround training classes. Knowing how and why prep is needed will help ensure installers provide the best result to their clients and keep referrels coming. Proper profiling of floors is a lot of work but is as important as any part of this process.  Most failures can often be traced back to prep, not product.  Artisan Daryll Bates of Excalibur Flooring and Surface Artisans(Las Vegas) demonstrated some fantastic procedures to get several unique looks that all attendees felt they could recreate on their own. There is nothing like seeing a live product demonstration to help erase the mystery of how some things are done. The major emphasis was on metallic techniques but we also touch on broadcast quartz and flake as we as some of Walttools polish overlay-SLP.  He capped off the demos with a 20 foot impromptu design emblazoned with the Walttools graphic logo. With that and all the other demo pieces Daryll showed how easy and forgiving the Walttools Epoxy HP and Metallic pigment system is to use. Who wants the stress of fussy products, nobody. A special thanks to JD Grafton of CC Solves in Wisconsin for sharing his 30 yrs of experience regarding moisture and concrete. The following are some photos(in no particular order) taken during the three day event. We are already planning a similar even for spring so stay tuned so you can reserve a spot.


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