garagepaintwithchipsThere are homeowners and business owners everywhere who are embarrassed by the state of their concrete surfaces. Concrete that has seen a lot of foot traffic or has been used in garages can become cracked, stained, and eroded over the years. Fortunately, epoxy concrete coatings can provide a solution.

As a contractor, you can provide high-quality and much needed services to your clients if you are able to make their concrete surfaces look better than they did when they were installed. Decorative concrete materials give you that opportunity.

Repairing the Damaged Concrete

The first step in restoring old concrete is to repair any major cracks in the surface. If you try to pour concrete coatings over large cracks in the surface, the coating will seep into the cracks, and the surface will be uneven. If the concrete floor simply has very fine lines, it may not be necessary to use any patches or overlays.

Creating a Clean Surface

Before applying any specialty concrete mixes or coatings, it is important to first thoroughly clean the existing concrete floor. You do not want to have any dirt or debris affecting the success of the overall flooring system.

Choosing a Design for the New Floor

Thanks to advances in decorative concrete supplies, the refinished concrete floor can include many different colors. There are even decorative epoxy coatings available that include what looks like small flecks of shimmery paint within the coating. Having this effect within the concrete coating can be very helpful when disguising blemishes within the floor.

Applying Concrete Top Coat to Prevent Future Damage

Once the concrete floor is restored and looking better than new, thanks to the epoxy decorative coating, it is time to take steps to make sure the floor does not degrade back to its damaged state. Water-resistant, non-toxic, chemical resistant concrete top coats make it possible to do this.

By applying just a paper-thin layer of Polyurethane or Polyaspartic, it is possible to block the concrete from damage and abrasion.

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