Urethanes are a great product as a concrete sealer when applied properly.  They are normally the toughest of all sealers and can provide long lasting floor protection. Water based formulas are now more common and perform remarkably similar to their solvent based counterparts.

Walttools WBU is a Water-based Polyurethane Sealer system that provides durable finish in either a gloss or satin/matte finish.  It is a simple to use two- component system that can stand alone or serve as a protective top coat for an underlying coating. It is great for both floors and countertops.  Unlike many other competing urethanes, Walttools WBU system can be use outdoors.

Preparing the surface.  All surfaces should be clean, dry and free of anything that will inhibit adhesion of the sealer.  This is not intended for very hard troweled or polished surfaces.  You will need to either etch the surface or grind/shotblast the surface to achieve a proper profile. If using over another sealer, be sure to note the open time for that product in order to achieve a successful coating. This can be as little as two hours and up to 24. In some cases, you may need to sand the surface to a proper de-gloss stage for proper adhesion. Ideally you want to apply WBU at temperatures between 65-75 degrees and when the relative humidity is near 75% or less.

WBU-M is a 4:1 mix ration and the WBU-G is a 2:1 ratio.  Make sure you have proper measuring containers as well as mixing containers. Both products offer a long pot life reducing the need to panic. . Ideally you want to apply WBU at temperatures between 65-75 degrees and when the relative humidity is near 75% or less.

Coverage:  When properly applied to a proper surface, you can expect 250 sq ft per gallon with WBU- G and nearly 300 with WBU-M. Pre-sealed floor and second applications will yield coverage of about 400 sq ft per gallon.

Precautions. The product should be applied wearing gloves, goggles and a proper mask. Do not apply in an enclosed area without proper ventilation. Wash contacted skin with soap and water.  Do not ingest.

Application method. A non-shedding 3/8” nap roller is the most common application method. Other methods are using a T-Bar microfiber applicator and airless sprayer.

Mixing Instructions:  Two component systems require that you measure and mix Part A and Part B thoroughly so that the sealer will set and cure properly.  For WBU-G, mix two Parts A to one Part B in a container large enough for your material. For WBU-M, mix 4 Parts A with 1 Part B in a separate container. (For large flooring projects, you may you mix all of B into the large container of A).Make sure you leave enough room for color if you are using it. Mixing should be down with a low speed drill and paint mixing paddle.  Avoid churning air into the mix causing it to foam. Mix for 3 minutes.  Pot life for WBU-M is one hour and WBU-G is 2 hours.

Placing the sealer:  You can transfer the material to a paint tray for smaller jobs like countertops or pour the material directly onto the floor in a wide ribbon and begin rolling out the material smoothly. Pushing the material away from you then gently pulling the roller back with only the weight of the roller provides a nice even surface. Do not push the material too far away or you run the chance of rolling it out too thin as you work it back to you.  Rolling up and back once should be sufficient for most applications. It will flatten out evenly and not leave roller marks. Avoid rerolling after 10 minutes as the curing process will begin and if it becomes sticky you will get an orange peel look in those areas.

Second Coat.  Most new applications will require a second coat – Top coats will usually be only one. For the second coat, you need to apply within 24 hours of the first coat.  If you miss that window, you will need to sand the surface with a 120 grit pad the fully haze out the first coat to get good adhesion.

Drying Time:  WBU-M needs 8-12 hours, WBU-G needs 12-24 hours. Before light traffic. Surfaces need to cure for 48-72 hours before allowing commercial foot traffic, vehicle traffic or appliances when working with countertops.

Clean-Up.  WBU can be cleaned before drying with industrial solvents or isopropyl alcohol.  Cured materials will require an industrial stripper such as Walttools Tru Strip or mechanically removed.

Maintenance and Cleaning. WBU sealed surfaces should be cleaned with a mild floor cleaner. You may also apply a sacrificial poly floor wax such as Walttools Floor Shine for regular maintenance.

See tech data and sds info before use.

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