8in on my patioBorder stamping rollers from Walttools are the perfect decorative tool to set your work apart from the competition.  Borders can add color, texture, and dimension to many types of concrete surfaces.  Some common uses include jazzing up an otherwise un-inspiring plain gray slab, providing a more decorative aspect to control joints or pour breaks, or putting the final touch on a stamped masterpiece.  Stamped borders really set your work off and walttools stamped border rollers make a tough job far easier. Here is an overview of using a border roller:

How to use a Walttools Border Roller2Form pour and place concrete as normal. Bull float and edge normally. If control joints are being placed with a groover, do so as normal. Timing is everything. Rollers are used earlier than stamping. You should be able to press your thumb into the surface far easier than the standard for stamping (anywhere from 15 min to 45 min). The ideal time is when the surface cream allows the roller to partially settle into the surface allowing a clean impression. If when you begin to roll and the roller “slides/skids” instead of rolling, it is too soon. If the grout lines “support” the roller on the surface, it is too hard and you will need to lean much more on the roller, making a steady impression more difficult.

If using a release agent (powder or liquid) of a different color than the rest of the job care should be taken to carefully place release in the border path. One simple method is to cut a heavy napped paint roller cover (or sponge for liquid) to the same width as your  stamping roller, coat with release and roll the release along the intended border path. If using the same color release as the remaining job you can apply your release with less discretion. Tru Impressions border rollers have either one or two grout edges depending on the design. Either works for borders. If using a single edge roller, the plain edge is to be placed on the outside along the form where it should have been previously edged thus giving you the second grout line.

How to use a Walttools Border Roller3With one hand on the bull float handle and the other on the outer edge of the bracket, carefully begin to roll the impression. A slow steady walking pace keeping a slight but steady pressure on the roller, keeping it aligned along the outer form will produce the best results. When encountering a curve