General Instructions for Using Decorative Vinyl Chips

Using decorative vinyl flake is a multi-step process. Installers will vary the steps depending on the particular situation but in general are as follows.

Step 1:

This is the most critical step as with most decorative concrete projects. All substrates must be properly prepared. They must be clean and free from any contaminates that may inhibit the adhesion of the resins. Concrete must be cured for a minimum of 30 days and be free of any internal moisture. Slab should be profiled to a minimum CSP-2 to CSP-3 via shot blasting or grinding. All cracks and defects should be repaired and profiled to match the main surface. Have the room between 60 and 75 degrees if possible.

Step 2:

Apply a primer/base coat of 100% solids epoxy primer like Partial Broadcast (left) – The floor will be ready for the protective topcoat once you remove any chips that are protruding irregularly. This is easily done with a floor scraper or a large drywall knife threaded onto the end of a pole. Just slide the blade over the floor knocking down the suspect chips that are sticking into the air. Then vacuum the floor to remove the pieces.


Full Broadcast (right) – First will be to remove all the loose chips that did not adhere to the floor. You can use a electric bloweror broom to push them to one side of the room then scoop or vacuum them up. There will be quite a bit. Once those are clear you take a floor scraper or a large drywall knife threaded onto the end of a pole and slide the blade over the entire floor knocking down any chips that are protruding into the air. Then vacuum the floor again to remove the broken pieces.

Next is to apply a topcoat of protective topcoat usually and aliphatic urethane like PolyKoat 85. A thin topcoat will allow more of the chip texture to be present. You can reduce this by applying more than one topcoat. Mix up the proper amount of chosen topcoat resin system and pour onto surface. Move material around until it’s thoroughly spread. Using a 3/8 map roller, backroll the material until even and free from any marks. For a thicker topcoat that will reduce the chip profile (texture), you can do an additional topcoat.

Floor can be walked on in 24 hrs. Avoid any heavy furniture for 3-7 days.

TIP: For full broadcast, if when you are finished scraping and cleaning and you find empty areas that are not acceptable you can mix a small batch of Epoxy HP is the most common resin used for decorative chips, but it can also be done with AU 85 urethane.

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