how to install epoxy floorInstallation information from a training class covering decorative floor systems showcasing several Walttools products including Walttools Essential Primer, Epoxy HP, Quartz, Flake, Tru Lustre Metallic pigments, and Polyaspartic 85. The two-floor sections in these videos were done fully with the Essential primer base and then Polyaspartic 85 for both the broadcast coat and the topcoat. The first floor is actually a great-looking hybrid using both quartz and sparse flake.  Pay attention to the information regarding the resin application thickness. That can make or break the floor. The second was a typical full broadcast multicolor chip floor. Common treatment, but commonly done wrong. Enjoy.

How To Install Epoxy Floor:

How To Install Epoxy Floors With Flakes/Chips

How To Install Epoxy Floors With Quartz

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