CAS sealer srayWhen you’re in the market for sealers, one of the first things you notice is how many options you have available. It can even feel overwhelming. Keep in mind the right sealer will make all the difference, though. Picking the wrong one could be costly. One way you can limit your options and still come out with a great choice is by only considering non-toxic concrete sealers. Let’s take a look at the benefits of using these sealers and what your options are.

Why Choose a Water-Based Sealer?

There are many reasons people pick water-based concrete sealers for their concrete floors. Most of them are related to a concern for one’s health and that of their families. Water-based concrete sealers will pose little to no threat either when they’re being applied or if they begin off gassing in the future.

When the concrete in question is outside, toxic chemicals can have deleterious effects on the wildlife, whether it’s your garden or pets that find runoff in the grass.

Inside, people often worry about their families being exposed to toxic fumes and vapors. Children with respiratory problems can be especially vulnerable to the presence of such toxins in the air.

Finding Non-Toxic Concrete Sealers

Fortunately, there are a number of options available to you if you hope to use water-based concrete sealers that come with a low level of toxins. In fact, it seems like that’s the direction the industry is headed as a whole. You can easily find water-based sealers that will get the job done just as well as their counterparts.

Just about every company that makes concrete sealers has put out a water-based version.

Sealing your concrete is an essential step toward protecting it from wear and tear. Forgoing this finishing touch can leave you with a far more expensive project down the line. If you take issue with using a sealer that has toxic components, don’t worry. We at Contractor Source have plenty of low-toxic concrete sealers in our inventory that we can recommend or answer questions about. Look for Heal and Seal Deco, Stampsheen H2O, CAS 150, Epoxy 1040 and Ultrathane. The only thing you’ll like better than our selection is our prices. Save money and enjoy speedy shipping when you shop with us.

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