coast mountain sports edmontonConcrete coatings are not just being used for industrial purposes any longer. They are growing in demand among many commercial property owners and homeowners, as well. It is easier to understand this growing trend when you consider the many design possibilities that come with using epoxy concrete coatings and other decorative concrete coatings and supplies.

Creating a Durable and Functional Floor

Concrete coating systems were first popular for industrial applications. There are many reasons why this would be the case. These floors are fast, easy, and affordable to install, and they create an extremely durable and resilient surface, especially when protective concrete sealers are applied. Now, property owners everywhere want to benefit from the durability of these flooring products.

Making Superior Cleanliness Possible

Epoxy concrete coatings can be used to create completely seamless and smooth surfaces. When solvent-resistant concrete sealers are applied to the top of concrete coated floors, this makes it even easier to keep the surfaces clean and free of dirt and debris.

When there are no cracks or crevices in the floors, and the protective topcoat stops the concrete from absorbing anything, there are no opportunities for water, oil, or grime to accumulate. This also means that there are no places for harmful bacteria or chemicals to become trapped, making epoxy coated floors excellent choices for buildings where cleanliness is a high priority.

Reproducing a Rock or Stone Pattern

Of course, concrete coatings do not have to be smooth and glossy. <a href=/product-categories/category/97-concrete-stamps-skins-and-rollers”>If using a cement based coating, Decorative concrete stamps</a> can be used to add interesting textures and designs to the surface. Patterned concrete mats are often used to create a texture and impression on the surface, imitating the look and feel of other construction materials, such as planks of wood, marble tiles, natural stone pavers, and many others.

Produce One-of-a-Kind Designs

Epoxy concrete coatings make it possible to incorporate nearly any colors, patterns, designs, and textures into a single floor. Using concrete dyes, stains, and rubber concrete stamps, it is possible to create a floor that mimics another type of flooring system or to create a floor that is completely original.

Interior designers, contractors, and property owners are given immense freedom to create the perfect floor to complement any space. This could mean create a simple, yet elegant, polished concrete floor, or using epoxy concrete coatings to incorporate a logo into the lobby floor of a commercial property. This is made possible thanks to decorative concrete coatings.

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