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museum of the bible constructionA little over two years ago Walttools sent some bags of Tru Pac X out for review by a theming company. This is not out of the ordinary, but always raises some curiosity. The only info we had then was that this involved a large project and the company wanted to be sure that the material would do what they needed. It was a comparison of many vertical mixes, from east coast to west, to be sure it suited their needs. Once the comparative dust settled, the project began with an order of Structure Coat and Tru Pac X. A month later, another order. Then another. Then another. A phone call to see how things were going, and if there was anything else we could do, was met with a simple, “… everything is great, just keep it coming when we need it, we are on a schedule…”  Soon thereafter, we learned this was for a project in D.C – A museum, an not just any museum, the Museum of the Bible. Much of this project was being built off site and would eventually make its way further east to be installed in its proper place. The regular check-ins with the company were always met with positive feedback along with the eventual prospect of completion!

Just a couple months back in November, the Museum of the Bible opened to the public. It is a 400,000 plus-square-foot interactive museum that goes into the history and impact of both the Old and New Testaments, and provides a strong visual focus of what happened during the life of Jesus. It is just a few blocks from the U.S Capitol and is one of the largest in D.C. The hundreds upon hundreds of bags of Tru Pac X and Structure Coat are easy to find, cleverly disguised as building stone and rocks. The artistry of decorative vertical concrete is always a favorite and this is no exception.

From Jonathan Martin, “We were certainly glad that we found your Tru Pac X product. We used it in two ways for a museum project. We filled molds to get rock veneers for our building faces and created bedrock by pouring it on forms and sculpting it by hand. Both techniques provided beautiful and durable results. It was very easy to use and to mix with mortar. The clay-like constancy was wonderful for sculpting. We were able to tool it to various levels and it performed beautifully. We have used a number of products and this one is hands down the best. It is very economical and produces great results even in extreme temperatures and high humidity. Our artificial rock received many compliments. This excellent product is provided with customer service that has never let us down. We will be looking for ways to use Tru Pac X in future projects and highly recommend it.”
– Jonathan Martin, Jonathan Martin Creative
Jonathan Martin Creative is a environmental theming company that specializes in religious themes and has their work on display all over the U.S.

We at Wattools and Contractor Source appreciate their trust and look forward to their future projects.

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