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What To Know About Concrete Integral Color

If you're looking for the easiest way to add color to your concrete, Walttools Tru Hue integral color stands out as the top choice. Concrete integral color is the most common (and maybe still the easiest) way to color your concrete projects. Integral colors are finely ground oxide pigments that are thoroughly mixed with the concrete before it is poured, allowing you a wide range of coloration based on how much color is put on.

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Concrete Integral Color Calculations

Determining how much is put in is calculated by loadings based on total cement used in each yard of concrete. Economy loading 1 percent, is great for stamping purposes. They are softer colors that are just enough to remove the “gray” and work very well with darker, contrasting releases OR tique wash products like Tru Tique.  They also work well as providing a good colored “canvas” for various stain products like Tru Tint acid stain, water base stain or Re-Ax. Walttools has 13 standard colors that fit this category. These colors are also great when adding stains, borders, etc. Double that up and you have 2 percent loading.  This is where the pigments become able to show themselves as they really are. The same pigments as one percent now produce stronger hues, overcoming the gray. These are more common when doing interior floors or a simple broom/trowel finish surface without using any contrasting color products like release or stains; 3 and 4 percent loading produces quite strong colors that give a bold statement.

Walttools Tru Hue colors are packaged PER YARD so you do not have to worry about any math except making sure you have the same number of bags as yards of concrete.  Lastly as a general rule to calculate yardage, plan for each yard of concrete occupying 80 square feet(82) when doing a standard 4 inch pour. So if you measure for your pad and it’s 20 feet by 30 feet, then multiply 20 times 30 and get 600.  Divide 600 by 80 and get 7.5 yards.  They will round up to 8 so order 8 bags of the color you want.

Why Our Customers Like Tru Hue Concrete Integral Color:

  • Vibrant Color Options
  • Consistent Results
  • Long-Lasting Durability
  • User-Friendly Application
  • Customization and Versatility

Choosing Tru Hue Concrete Integral Color is a smart decision for your concrete projects. With a wide range of vibrant color options, ease of use for both DIY enthusiasts and professionals, and the assurance of long-lasting, fade-resistant results, Tru Hue delivers quality and versatility. Whether you're adding color to your driveway, patio, or any other concrete surface, Tru Hue ensures your project will stand out with enduring beauty and vibrancy. Make the right choice for your concrete coloring needs – choose Tru Hue.

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