A Guide for Using Re-AX Concrete Stain for Driveway Rejuvenation

Re-Ax stains are unique, metallic, salt-based formulations that are non-acidic, and work by reacting with various components in and on the concrete surface. They produce a widely varied, mottled surface that is permanent, so it cannot be wiped off or removed like a water-based stain. The effects are similar to that of an acid stain but without the extensive cleanup of that process. Simply spray on the Re-Ax, work it in with a broom (optional), wait a few hours for the color change, and then seal it up. You could not have an easier process and there's NO NEED TO NEUTRALIZE LIKE ACID STAINS.

Re-Ax leaves the ultimate natural color with the most mottling and variation of any stain. They are best for creating the "Old World" look on your project. Coverage is approximately 250 sq feet per gallon, depending on porosity.

  • Most colors goes on purple for easy and consistent visual application - no guesswork needed.
  • Can be layered to achieve a variety of different finished looks and color intensities.
  • Fast and easy - helps you finish your concrete coloring project quickly and accurately.
  • Won’t affect sealing agents as some acid-based stains do, ensuring a hassle-free finish.
  • Doesn’t need to be neutralized like acid-based staining products, eliminating extra work.

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Access The Wear

How To Know When It’s Time


The first step in determining the wear level of your colored concrete driveway is a simple visual inspection. One of the more obvious signs that you’re due for a driveway refresh is noticeable surface wear or damaged / missing sealer. The first line of defense against the elements, your concrete sealer needs to be high quality, consistently applied, and intact to ensure your surfaces stay looking great. If it’s compromised, it’s a safe bet that your concrete color, as well as its overall visual integrity, isn’t far behind.

It may be time for driveway rejuvenation if…your sealer has worn away.

If there’s a distinct visual difference in your concrete color shading or stain over time, it’s time to reapply. Fading isn’t a process that slows or stops; once it begins, it’s likely to lighten or discolor more rapidly as time goes on. If you have patterns, decorative elements, or distinct color boundaries, this fading will be even more obvious. You can fight fade by using high quality products, prepping the concrete surface as directed, and applying your new stain consistently - just don’t forget your sealer!

It may be time for driveway rejuvenation if…your concrete color has faded noticeably.


Getting Ready For Re-Ax

Power Wash

A well-prepared surface will give you the most consistent color application and the best longevity for your Re-Ax concrete stain product. A few simple steps - with the right equipment and products, of course - will give you the perfect uniform “canvas” for achieving the look you desire on your driveway, walkway, or other concrete surface.

Using a power washer is the best way to clear off stubborn dirt, debris, and residue, but you can also speed up the process with a thorough sweeping beforehand. This will prevent small pebbles, dirt buildup, and other outdoor contaminants from causing a patchy or uneven application of color. Even if a worn or variegated look is your goal, this step ensures you have as much control as possible over the finished look, post-concrete staining.

Media Blast

While not all concrete surfaces will require the use of media blasting to remove a surface layer, if you have existing remnants of stain, coating, or sealant, this step is a must. Unintentionally layering new color over old color may create an unwanted shade, and old, compromised sealant can interfere with the protection offered by your new sealant application.

Tru Strip

In addition to media blasting techniques, purpose-made products also make this step efficient and minimize hassle. Tru Strip, for example, is an excellent way to strip away color and excessive sealer build up, safely removing unwanted coatings quickly and easily.


Why Choose Tru Strip Coating Remover?

  • Bio-friendly and free of chlorinated solvents for worry-free use.
  • Industrial grade strength, unlike many “big box” store products.
  • Works on a wide variety of residues, including acrylics, glues, and urethanes.
  • Cleans up with water: no special chemicals or hazardous disposal necessary.
  • Safe for most surfaces; simply roll or brush on, wait a period of time, and wash off.

Repeat Power Spray after Tru Strip

Once Tru Strip has been applied and allowed to work, use your power washer to spray it away and let your concrete surface dry before applying Re-Ax concrete stain. By properly cleaning and prepping your concrete, you’ll enjoy a smooth, even stain application process and result, with excellent hue saturation.

Apply Re-Ax Concrete Stain

Adding Color

Pre Wet (Prime)

Rinsing down your concrete surface with water prior to applying Re-Ax Reactive Stain ensures you achieve excellent results across the largest possible area. By pre-wetting the surface, ideally with a power sprayer, the Re-Ax product can quickly and easily penetrate and spread. This fast, easy primary step helps eliminate inconsistent color areas that can occur on dry surfaces as they absorb the mix.

Mix Re-Ax Color and Water

Following your Re-Ax Concrete Color Product directions, mix product activator if required(Black Walnut and Mossy Brown). Fill your clean, dry sprayer tool reservoir and prepare to apply the mixed product across your concrete surface.

Apply Re-Ax in Circular Motion

Using a gradual, consistent circular motion, use your sprayer tool to apply your Re-Ax Concrete Color to your pre-wet surface. This technique will achieve the best coverage without leaving behind lighter, patchy areas, and makes the most of each preparation of Re-Ax Color Stain for an efficient, beautiful finish.

Allow To Completely Dry

Plan to apply your Re-Ax Reactive Stain on a day with moderate temperatures and sunny weather, in order to facilitate quick drying. The stain will change from the purple color to a pinkish brown then gradually the final color. This can take 15 minutes to several hours depending on the surface temperature and air temperature. Warmers days result if quicker color changes. Once completed it is a good idea to give the surface a rinse off(not pressure washer) to get rid of excess stain that is just sitting on the surface. It will be a dry brown powder. Be aware that when rinsed, the surface may turn pink again in some cases. It is temporary. The pink will change back to the finish color as the surface dries. This can also happen when sealing with a water base sealer. It will correct as the sealer dries.

Apply Stampsheen 350 & Tru Grip

Sealing & Additive For Beauty and Longeveity

Why Choose Stampsheen 350

Your concrete surface, whether it’s a driveway, pathway, or other application, is built to last - but wear-and-tear and weather are always ready to do their worst. The right concrete sealer makes all the difference!

  • High gloss cure and seal solution for a beautiful finish that stands up to wear.
  • Convenient formula can be used in states that require sealers with >400 VOC levels.
  • Resistant to UV exposure and yellowing for an attractive, consistent look over time.
  • Covers up to 200 square feet per gallon for concrete sealing projects of all sizes.

Why Choose Tru Grip

Whether you want to prevent slips around a pool deck or just want your concrete to stay looking beautiful all year round, Tru Grip is a must. This sealer additive is easy to use and hardworking, just like the rest of our concrete stain, sealant, and treatment range.

  • Lightweight formula resists settling in prepared stains for even application.
  • Won’t discolor or yellow your base color, stain, or sealer.
  • Treats up to five gallons of sealer with just one 16 ounce container; economic and efficient.
  • Optimal abrasion resistance to make the most out of your concrete sealant treatments.

Final Surface Cleaning

Use a blower to remove any leaves, debris, sticks, and other contaminants. This will allow your sealant to go on smoothly and in an even layer.

Mix Tru Grip & Stampsheen 350

Use one 16oz container of Tru Grip to every 5 Gallons of Stamp Sheen 350, as per the on-container instructions. Apply as directed.

Spray in TWO Thin Layers

Use your sprayer to apply two thin layers, and allow the first layer to dry before applying the second. Protect any surfaces that should not be sprayed such as garage doors, siding etc. with tarps, painter’s tape, or similar materials. Use a brush attachment to apply on or near stairs for full coverage.

Protect surroundings

Use a brush for stairs

Enjoy Your Newly Stained Project!

Your newly rejuvenated driveway will last for years


Products Used




Stampsheen 350

Tru Grip

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