A Guide for Using Re-AX Concrete Stain for Driveway Rejuvenation

Re-Ax stains are unique, metallic, salt-based formulations that are non-acidic, and work by reacting with various components in and on the concrete surface. They produce a widely varied, mottled surface that is permanent, so it cannot be wiped off or removed like a water-based stain. The effects are similar to that of an acid stain but without the extensive cleanup of that process. Simply spray on the Re-Ax, work it in with a broom (optional), wait a few hours for the color change, and then seal it up. You could not have an easier process and there's NO NEED TO NEUTRALIZE LIKE ACID STAINS.

Re-Ax leaves the ultimate natural color with the most mottling and variation of any stain. They are best for creating the "Old World" look on your project. Coverage is approximately 250 sq feet per gallon, depending on porosity.

  • Most colors goes on purple for easy and consistent visual application - no guesswork needed.
  • Can be layered to achieve a variety of different finished looks and color intensities.
  • Fast and easy - helps you finish your concrete coloring project quickly and accurately.
  • Won’t affect sealing agents as some acid-based stains do, ensuring a hassle-free finish.
  • Doesn’t need to be neutralized like acid-based staining products, eliminating extra work.