Vinyl chip floors have been, and continue to be incredibly popular amongst homeowners, designers, contractors, architects, and more for an array of reasons. As a chip garageseamless flooring option typically used in conjunction with epoxy floor systems or polyurea, or polyurethane, the present all the same benefits as other epoxy flooring and other seamless systems. Thee are commonly know as garage floor coatings.

Epoxy resin systems and poly systems are astonishingly durable, sustainable and easy to clean. These materials are built to last through all the wear and tear of anything from heavy factory machinery to tons of foot traffic. Cracking is especially rare, but easy to repair if it does happen. Stains, bacteria, and moisture are no match for seamless flooring. If something spills, wipe it up. It’s actually that easy. There is no grout or any pores for liquids to penetrate and ruin the surface. Even things like bleach and gasoline cannot match the strength of resin. This insane level of durability makes the flooring system so sustainable. These floors last decades with proper installation and care.

So what actually is vinyl chip flooring? Well, basically small vinyl chips that have produced with a mixture of pigment, resin, and other additives, and cut into random shapes are toss into a tinted epoxy base coat that has been applied to a floor. They tend to be randomly dispersed and then covered/sealed with a strong top coat. The chips come in literally hundreds of colors and color combinations, along with a variety of random shapes and sizes. They can be applied lightly to show more of the resin tint color, or broadcasted in full for a more textured pattern look. The total application process tends to be very quick – only a day or two until they can be walked on. They can also be applied in design or logo patterns for areas like a school atrium. In fact these floors are perfect for schools for a few reasons including: (1) you can easily show off school spirit with bright color combinations and logo designs, (2) the chips are like magic when it comes to hiding dirt, grime, and other imperfections on the floor, (3) the floors are so hard to destroy and they are a breeze to clean as stated before. 

There are a few other benefits to using vinyl chip flooring systems that are not as obvious. One of these is that the floors are easier on the feet and joints than other flooring like ceramic tile or marble. These floors actually bring an element of noise reduction too – this is another plus for places like schools! Fire resistance is another huge benefit for clear safety reasons.  Lastly, they’re genuinely affordable. The materials are way cheaper than marble or tile flooring and since the application process is so short, there’s no need to worry about outrageous labor costs. You won’t have to replace these floors for decades, so consider a vinyl chip floor for your next school, office, bathroom, garage, basement, etc project.

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