blend_1666803185.jpgMetallic floors present a worthy combination of art and durability, which is why their popularity has risen so much recently. They are a cost-effective and beautiful solution, perfect for a huge range of indoor environments. Before we get into metallic floors specifically, we must first talk about epoxy floors in general.

Epoxy flooring systems are insanely durable and profoundly easy to clean, all while being remarkably sleek and professional. These floors essentially withstand everything. They are not only heat- and water-resistant, but oil, gas, transmission fluid, bleach and heavy cleansers, grease, and stains are all no match for the flooring system. The wear and tear usually caused by heavy factory machinery, cars, or heavy furniture will not crack the surface. Virtually any cleaner can be used to clean up any messes, and there’s no need to worry about things like grout or porous areas that make things like tile and hardwood so hard to clean. Epoxy floors do get scratched from time to time, but this can be prevented and/or maintained by taking the proper precautions, such as properly cleaning and waxing the floor at the appropriate times.

When properly installed and adequately cared for, epoxy resin floors can literally last decades without peeling or cracking. This, paired with the pro and polished appearance make it a solid choice of flooring for so many spaces including, but not limited to factories, salons, offices, schools, nightclubs, basements, kitchens, and garage floors. There are a variety of options for the style of epoxy floors like quartz, vinyl chips, and solid coloring, each with their own look and benefits, but this article will focus specifically on metallic epoxy floors.

Metallic floors are a brilliant option for commercial and residential spaces alike. The look of the floors is completely unique and customizable. Since the materials used generate natural variations each time they’re used, every single metallic epoxy project is different from the next. On top of that, the installer’s technique gr