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Stampsheen™ 350 High-Gloss Decorative Concrete Sealer (5 gal) SLR-SS350

4.83333 5 6 Product
$119.00 each Weight: 48 lb
Brand: Walttools Walttools

Tru Matte Universal Matting Agent
TI Tru Grip Sealer Additive (16 oz)

Finally, a low VOC decorative concrete sealer that isn’t problematic! This proprietary formulation greatly reduces the problems associated with today's restricted sealers, such as blistering, premature whiting, and outright peeling. The use of the highest-quality, domestic resin ensures excellent wear- and weather-resistance, which means a much longer service time between re-seal needs. Walttools has made a gem of a sealer here and is confident you will make this your go to decorative acrylic sealer.

  • Ultimate high-gloss cure and seal (especially if you’re located in one of the many states requiring sealers under 400 VOC levels)
  • High-quality finish as great as our regular sealer
  • 25% solids
  • Solvent-based, pure acrylic resin
  • Non-yellowing, UV-resistant, anti-spall, and wear-resistant
  • Coverage: approx. 200 sq ft/gallon
  • Also available in 1 gallon containers
  • Call us for pallet pricing

Product Reviews:
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We used to use a sealer found all over the midwest but ran into big problems three years ago with a lot of whiting issues. Found these guys the next season and the price was way better than the $160 we were paying. No more problems. It would be worth $160 again.
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I really like this sealer. It is the only regulation type sealer I have found that works like the old stuff. Fair price too.
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Made the switch to this a year ago and have been very happy. Much easier to apply in the summer than my previous sealer. That one dried before i could lay it down and this one seems to go down with no problems.
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Looks really nice but I barely 1000 square feet out of a pail. Disappointing. I had to get anoher pail for a second coat. Overall 4 of 5.
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This is really god stuff and very easy to use. Coverage seems to be a bit less but my concrete is rough txtures so of course it would take more. Dried down quickly, but not so fast you cannot get it down properly. Really deepens colors and textures and makes bright concrete colors pop!
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I went thru 2 pallets of this in 2018 and 3 pallets of this sealer last year. Hope to have the work to use more than that this coming year. Chicago summers are hot and this goes down pretty easy with no call backs. Its worth the hour and half drive.
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