Tru Tint WB stainsWhen it comes to decorative concrete products, floors receive most of the attention. However, there are plenty of great vertical concrete products that allow you to enhance retaining walls, seated walls, dividers and other walls around a property. There is absolutely no reason that a concrete wall need be dull or boring.

Reproducing the Look of Stone or Brick Walls.

If your property is in need of a wall to enclose a garden or patio, or if you have a retaining wall serving important structural purposes, wouldn’t it be nice to have a wall made from interlocking aged stones, large masonry blocks, or limestone bricks ? Unfortunately, these types of walls can be very costly, especially as they require a lot of time and labor to create.

firplace free carveDecorative concrete wall products make it possible to produce the same appearance without nearly as much of the hassle. With the help of specialty concrete mixes, concrete rubber stamps, and other vertical concrete products, it is possible to be quick and affordable in creating the decorative concrete wall that you want. Concrete dyes and stains are used to achieve the ideal coloring and rubber concrete stamps and forms are used to achieve the impression of bricks, stone or other materials.

Ordering Everything You Need to Produce Beautiful Concrete Walls

If you are new to the world of decorative concrete supplies, it can be daunting to even determine where to start. Fortunately, you can team up with trusted suppliers like Contractor Source to find everything you need. If you are going to be constructing a custom concrete retaining wall, or any other vertical project, you can request advice from the experienced support team. They often help contractors complete custom projects.

Vertical Concrete Projects Do Have Different Needs

If you try to use decorative concrete products meant for floor applications, you may find yourself with disappointing results. Gravity is not on your side when you are attempting to create decorative effects on a wall. Vertical concrete products, vertical mixes like Tru Pac, in particular are designed to help you achieve the look that you want without having the design sag down the wall.

These techniques do require a lot of practice and skill. If you are considering using decorative concrete wall products at your home, it is strongly recommended that you enlist the professional help of a skilled contractor to achieve the results that you want, but Contractor Source is also there for the eager DIYer.

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