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Concrete is a fantastic building material. It can be poured, molded, shaped, carved, stacked or sprayed into nearly any pattern, texture or shape you need. It can be made into almost any color you desire, too, whether that’s bold, subdued or blended in with the surroundings. Get that plain gray concrete turned into something decorative with concrete color products.

Customization is Simple with Concrete Color Products

Concrete Color ProductsConcrete is a porous material that can be stained, painted or dyed in many different ways to achieve various effects, looks or themes.

The only problem you’ll have is choosing a color method; so many options exist. However, depending on the project you’re undertaking, you may find it easier to either color the concrete upfront or do so later.

The upfront choices are typically integral color and color hardener. Integral color, often referred to as concrete dye, involves adding a pigment — in the redi-mix truck or by hand — to the concrete while it mixes. It colors concrete all the way through and is excellent for slabs that are subject to heavy traffic and abuse.

On the other hand, color hardener provides a similar look to integral color, it is used after the concrete is poured. As a result, it only colors the top layer of concrete, unlike the integral color that goes all the way through. That said, this product somewhat fortifies the top concrete, hence the name, color hardener.

By nature of the word, Concrete Stains will color/stain your concrete. Stain is a general term for any sort of liquid that is applied topically to the surface and leaves color. Stains are either reactive or nonreactive and will have different abilities to color depending on the makeup of that surface. Rough, smooth, indoor, outdoor, etc. factors all play a role in concrete staining.

Lastly, there are concrete dyes (true dyes, not the integral color mentioned earlier), which are related to stains. Concrete Dyes are very deep-penetrating colored solutions that are mostly used indoors and/or on very hard or polished concrete surfaces that are more difficult to penetrate with water-based stains. They are quite popular when doing concrete countertops because they can be polished after application without removing many colors.

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High Quality Concrete Color Products From Walttools

Gallery of Popular Decorative Concrete Color Products

Transform Your Space with Vibrant and Durable Concrete Colors - The Ultimate Solution for Stunning Designs

Contractor Source was set up by concrete contractors for concrete contractors, so you can rest assured that our brand is built on in-depth industry knowledge. Walttools is our in-house brand of concrete tools and supplies that aims to make our products readily available to contractors.

We have spent years in the industry improving our tools and products to position Contractor Source and — by extension — Walttools as a leader in quality, user-friendly, decorative concrete supplies at competitive prices.

8 Popular Concrete Color Products from Walttools

1. Antique Color Wash

Walttools Tru Tique Antique Color Wash is an antiquing, color wash agent. It recreates the kind of natural, two-toned mottled finish that you’d typically obtain using colored release agents, but without the mess caused by the latter. Plus, Tru Tique is perfect for accentuating new surfaces and rejuvenating old ones that have faded over time.

2. Integral Color

Walttools Tru Hue Integral Color is an exceptional integral color for theming concrete upfront. Sold by the yard and used one-bag-per-yard, this color is added to concrete while it mixes. As a result, it colors concrete all the way through, giving it the same appearance even when some parts are chipped off due to wear and tear.

3. Concrete Dye

Tru Tint Concrete Dyes have a deep-penetrating ability. They are primarily used indoors on hard or polished concrete surfaces that may be more difficult to penetrate with traditional water-based stains. They are also quite popular with concrete countertops since they can be polished without wiping off the colors.

4. Concrete Acid Stain

Tru Tint Concrete Acid Stains produce the most realistic, natural-looking nature-mimicking effects possible. They stain via chemical reaction, resulting in a more permanent result. They also enhance surface imperfections, creating unique results that vitalize otherwise plain concrete.

5. Water-Based Concrete Stain

Tru Tint WB Water-Based Concrete Stain has a great concrete-penetrating ability, making it useful for nearly any concrete surface. Whether you spray, roll, brush or sponge it, the fast-drying semi-translucent stain is easily layered to achieve a mottled appearance.

6. Reactive Concrete Stain

Tru Impressions Re-Ax Concrete Stain is an exceptional product that produces a mottling effect better than acid stain without the hassles associated with acid-based colors. It’s easy to apply (just spray and wait) and can be combined with other stain systems.

7. Dust-On Color Hardener

The ready-to-use TI Dust-On Color Hardener is typically used when the concrete is being poured and finished. The pigment is scattered onto the wet concrete surface and allowed to work its way in, coloring the top layer. The product can be blended to give a mottled effect and is known to fortify the top surface of the concrete.

8. Accent Release

The TI Accent Release is a pigmented powder that prevents decorative stamps from sticking to fresh concrete and overlay material. It can be used with both integral colored or color-hardened concrete to bring out fine details such as grout lines and natural texture.

Superior Finishing Products to Protect Your Colored Concrete

Concrete tends to absorb moisture over time, causing the bonds that hold it together to break. As a result, it cracks and erodes with age. Walttools knows this. That’s why we’ve created concrete finishes to protect your project from unnecessary scratching or denting and allow it to last longer. Here are some of them:

Sealers and Sealants

Concrete Sealers protect concrete by leaving some form of film on the surface. These solvent- or water-based products can also leave varying degrees of shine, making them suitable for both interior and exterior concrete finishes.


A Concrete Densifier is a water-based chemical that can increase the surface density of cement by permanently filling the pores on the surface. They can be used on both polished and unpolished concrete to reduce dusting and surface wear.

Heal and Seal

Made with new technology, Heal and Seal is the industry’s premier concrete sealer. It provides long-term protection and is uniquely resistant to UV, rain, ice, salt, chlorine and other concrete combatants.

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