Overlay Mixes


overlay wood plank sethThe real challenge with concrete overlays is weeding out all the products that don’t perform well. Concrete work can be challenging enough without product failures. Over-Eze stampable concrete overlay and resurfacer has proven itself on many residential and commercial projects. Over-Eze stampable overlay and concrete resurfacer not only exceeds many thin concrete overlay specifications but is also application friendly. Over-eze concrete overlay screeds out easily and can be troweled or re-troweled without the sticky, frustrating mess found in many concrete overlay products.  Some concrete resurfacing products require you to add an expensive liquid polymer to the mix. This decorative concrete overlay is an all-in-one bag, so just add the appropriate amount of water. It has held up to the abuse of indoor and outdoor traffic, including freeze-thaw conditions.

Over-Eze Overlay is a pre-blended polymer-modified, non-shrink, cementitious overlay for resurfacing concrete flatwork. Over-Eze stampable overlay has a light gray or white base color that can accept integral color pigments or TI Dust on Color Hardener for color modification during application, or can be modified after placement and cure with either acid stain or water-based stains for desired effects. Over-Eze Concrete Overlay contains a finely-dispersed proprietary blend of fibers for increased tensile and flexural strengths, and improved durability, as well as added flexibilizers, plasticizers and finishing agents that help minimize efflorescence formation and freeze-thaw related spalling and cracking surface degradation. Typical applications include interior floors and building entrances, patios, pool decks, sidewalks, driveways, and related flatwork. It is excellent for concrete stencil jobs as well. Concrete overlay stamps or texture rollers may also be used to add attractive patterns or desired effects to your newly resurfaced floor

NOTE: Although Over-Eze is in the top of its class of stampable overlays and concrete resurfacing products, some substrates are not suitable for an overlay. Some examples are currently shifting or heaving concrete, severe cracks, severe deep spalling, unstable subgrade (ie. marsh, small joists, bouncy floor). If a floor is not suitable for ceramic tile, it is not suitable for a concrete overlay.

Another option is Tru Pac O.  It is a one of a kind admixture kit for converting an 80 lb batch of Type S mortar mixes (all-in-one with sand) into a high-performance, environmentally-sound, stampable concrete overlay to be used on applications ranging from ¼ to ¾ inch. Each Tru-Pac O kit is a consistent blend of aggregates, resins, and other proprietary materials which will result in a surface and final strengths equaling those of standard decorative overlays. The mix will cure to a natural light gray. Tru Pac O kit is not intended to be used alone, so it must be properly combined with type S mortar mix. This revolutionary mix design offers savings by as much as 3-4 times of name brand supply house overlayment mixes.

For extra heavy-duty concete overlay work, you may consider Structure Coat. It is a heavily polymer-modified cementitious grout type mix used for concrete patching, parge coating and overlay purposes. It tenaciously bonds to most substrates without the need for a primer in most cases. It can be troweled smooth, stamped or textured if needed.