Firepit Liners

majextic firepit form linerPlain gray concrete is boring, and to be honest, there is very little truth to “plain” when it comes to walls.  Plain gray concrete is often filled with a multitude of imperfections, such as lines, gaps, voids and exposed aggregates. Creating a true plain gray wall would be difficult since it is formed. For horizontal work we have the ability to manipulate the concrete how we want. Skilled trowelling or texturing is possible. Since vertical-formed concrete has to set in between forms, any manipulation must come after the fact and is often labor intensive and/or costly. 

In comes the use of form liners. Form liners are textured inserts that come in many different textures and patterns that will, when attached to the inside of the formwork, leave the concrete with very pleasing effects. Used in “architectural concrete” for decades to make large scale vertical surfaces more pleasing, form liners are now found in mainstream concrete use, making even smaller projects more aesthetically acceptable. Stone, wood, slate, and brick are all achievable with poured concrete.

Walttools detailed form liners are used in the creation of step risers, fire pits, and seat walls to produce concrete looks that are much more pleasing than the sea of plain gray out there. Form liners are the best way to complement your stamp concrete and texture projects.