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Product Description

For many years, common cement was used as a paver edge material. It was accessible and simple to use. Then, about 20 years ago, along came plastic and aluminum edge restraints in various shapes, sizes and configurations. These were guaranteed to eliminate the movement and break away of paver edges due to weather and time. As many know now, those items were not the savior they were touted to be, and STILL one of the most common brick paver repairs being performed is the replacement of these newer edge restraints.

As with any process, many problems arise from improper procedures. You can use the best products available for any industry, but use them wrong and you have problems. Paver edge systems are no exception. Often times, when using the concrete bead wedge method, mixes are made haphazardly, installed with no base, and are done with a poor profile. When properly installed by a good paver installer, and using a material designed for that purpose, the bead wedge method of a brick pavers edge restraint will perform very well and last for years.
Pave-Edge Mortar is a product additive designed to help eliminate some problems.  It is a non-brittle, fiber-reinforced mortar additive that, when combined with an 80lb bag of type s mortar mix, will provide 100 lbs of concrete bead edging that is far more economical than the structural edging options out there. Each batch does about 50 ft. 

  • Easy to mix in proper proportions
  • Not as brittle as standard mortar
  • PH balanced for easy plant growth
  • Fiber reinforced for stability with stress cracks
  • Does not transfer impact energy

How to use Pave-Edge Mortar:

Blend the Pave-Edge with your bagged mortar as directed. Install your cement bead wedge prior to final plate compactor compaction. This will allow for final adhesion to outside paver joints. The mortar bead (wedge) should be installed on top of the extended paver base material. This will insure the mortar wedge grabs just below the bottom of the paving stone and has the same drainage below as the brick pavers. Trowel your cement bead wedge with a 4″ spatula or similar at about a 45 degree angle making a nice smooth wedge bead. The mortar wedge should be 3-4” wide and come to about an inch from the top edge of the paving stones. This will leave enough room for mulch, sod, or lawn growth to mask the mortar. This finish step is critical with all paver edging choices. This prevents erosion which can cause many associated issues.

Stress cracks can occur over time and the Pave-Edge material will retain its shape and continue to do its job.

The Pave-Edge solution is good for both freeze and non-freeze climates and has shown years of worry free result.


Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 6 in


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