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Texture Rollers

When it comes to providing basic textures into a stamp ready concrete or overlay surface, there is nothing faster than using a concrete texture roller. If it's borders or decorative bands you are after, then patterned border rollers are your ticket. Both of these imprinting tools work faster than traditional stamping tools, and can often be used even before you can think about getting out on the surface to stamp. 

Another popular application for texture rollers is on stencil work. There is nothing easier than placing your stencil then rolling out the desired texture in minutes. Just about anywhere you consider using a seamless skin, you may be able to switch to a concrete texture roller and save both time and labor.

Smaller texture rollers have recently begun to find their way into the stamping contractor's tool kit because they are the ultimate convenience to pre-texturing around the edge of a pour and for touch ups.

Texture rollers can be used with either a colored powder release agent or a clear liquid release. The liquid release is the most popular option with border rollers if you plan on custom staining that border after stamping.

How to Use Texture Rollers:

When using a texture roller, similar practices for concrete stamping are still to be followed, and a release agent is required to keep the roller from sticking to the concrete. The most important difference is that with concrete texture rollers (and border rollers) you need to start imprinting earlier than when using standard stamping tools. Because the amount of weight and downward force applied to the roller is limited, texture rollers work best when the concrete is still very soft. If the concrete gets too hard, the depth of imprint can be reduced, resulting in a poorly textured surface.

To avoid a problem with lap lines which can be an issue when the texture roller is used across areas that may be too soft you should hit the lines when the concrete hardens a bit more and do not be afraid to cross roll.  Since these are only textures you do not have the worry of repetition of a pattern.

Concrete Touch-Up Texture Rollers

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