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Water-Based Stain

Tru Tint WB Water-Based Stain is the easiest water-based concrete stain on the planet. Its extreme versatility allows the user great range in how they are using it. From coloring pavers, to concrete stamping, to natural stone to faux finishing vertical concrete and boulders, this is the way to go.

Walttools Tru Tint WB is a semi-penetrating, permanent, translucent stain that is water-based and extremely safe and easy to use. It can be used alone, mixed, blended or layered for any number of natural looking effects. Stains are most commonly applied with a quality garden sprayer or a hand sprayer. For more specific coloration such as borders, logos, etc, a brush will do.

Tru Tint Water-Base Stains have become the go-to coloration method for many concrete stamping contractors because of its ease of use, economy, and the ability to tailor the colors to the surrounding landscape. They work well alone or in conjunction with integral color or color hardener.

Walttools Tru Tint WB Stains are excellent for rejuvenation applications. It may be as easy as recolor and reseal to get your patio or driveway, whether pavers or concrete, looking like it did when it was poured! They come ready to use in gallons, quarts and samples.

Caution:  Wate base stains are easy to over apply.  They are made to be transparent and provide a shade of color, not act as a paint.  If using on existing surfaces, surfaces have to be completely free of an previous sealers. Chemical stripping does not always get reid of sealer 100 percent so media blasting for a final clean will provide best results.

Here is a great video showing how to use the WB stains.


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