Structure Coat TIMX-SC

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$32.00 each Weight: 50 lb
Brand: Walttools Walttools

Structure Coat is a pre blended, all in one, high strength cementitious concrete mix designed for use as a build coat and scratch coat on surfaces that will be treated with a carveable finish coat such as Tru Pac X or V.
Structure Coat contains a proprietary resin designed to offer extreme adhesion to EPS foams combined with the correct mix of  flexural strength, rigidity, and shrink resistance, especially beneficial in foam applications. The properties of structure coat allow it also to be a superb concrete patching and repair mix.

● Can be applied by trowel or appropriate spray device.
● Does not require the use of a primer.
● Tri component reactive fiber system for improved tensile strength.
● Quick set and cure time to allow for faster project turn around.
● Excellent as a patching compound for concrete repair.

The best choice when working with foam bases for your vertical projects. It will create an exrtemely hard shell that immobilizes incidental movement tha could result of cracks and failure.


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I can heap praise on many different products but there is one product I will not be without. STRUCTURE COAT. Structure coat, from Walttools. Easy to apply over many surface types and exceeds expectations as a scratch coat. Will not consider a project without it,

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